Ongoing Work

Helping Teams with ZK

Currently, I am helping a team build a zero-knowledge protocol on top of Ethereum. More information to come.

Past Work

Private Playable Game Character

I am currently working with Topology to create a game. The game allows players to create characters which battle other characters. Each character's functionality and internal state is only known to the creator of the character. When characters fight each other, each player submits a set of actions performed by their respective character to a blockchain as well as a proof that the action done was correct with respect to the character's internal state. Work included creating the cryptographic specification, implementing ZK-SNARK circuits in Circom, and writing a basic compiler.

On Chain Randomness for Video Games

Worked with a blockchain gaming startup to build a novel lottery system. Helped them verify their math and build their system to safely use cryptographic primitives. I also built their initial smart contract prototype in Solidity.

Bulletproofs in Cairo Implementation

Implemented Bulletproofs, a zero knowledge, succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge (ZK Snark) proof system, as part of a grant from Starkware. ZK-Snarks allow for a prover to show a verifier that they know an element of a NP language without revealing the exact element they know. The library has 33 stars and 3 startups actively working with it. The library can be found on Github.

Interested in working together?

I am usually quite unavailable, but feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or through my email.